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Local faith actors (LFAs) have consistently been among the top implementing partners of UN Agencies in undertaking humanitarian response. Despite this recognition, little has promulgated on the role of LFAs in the localisation agenda and the primacy of LFAs’ voices in contextualising the agenda for their communities.

More than 80% of the world’s population professes a religious faith, and international development and humanitarian work takes place within communities deeply influenced by faith.

CAN DO (Church Agencies Network Disaster Operations) a network of Australian church-based agencies with established relationships in the Pacific, is building an evidence base to inform international actors and affirm the significance of LFAs in localised humanitarian response within the Pacific region.

This paper is a critical reflection of the 2017-2018 localised response to the Monaro Volcano eruption in Vanuatu. Key learnings are used to frame future collaborations with Pacific churches and pave the road ahead.

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