Home Digging in: A consideration of ‘grassroots’ in localisation discourse

In this intriguing paper, Janaka Mcgeary highlights the overlooked role of grassroots actors within the discourse of humanitarian localisation. In scrutinising the consideration of grassroots concepts in key articles, he challenges traditional assumptions about what is ‘local’ and underscores the necessity for humanitarian leaders to recognise the unique contributions of grassroots initiatives.

"The concept of a romanticised, amorphous ‘local’ offers an explanation to why various actors, including grassroots organisations, are often overlooked in humanitarian academia."

Through urging leaders to adopt more inclusive and contextually sensitive strategies, fostering meaningful partnerships and enhancing the transformative potential of localisation efforts, Mcgeary prompts the sector to rethink its approaches to and definitions of ‘grassroots’, ensuring it can be more responsive to the diverse needs and dynamics of local communities.

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