The Humanitarian Leadership Program is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of partners. Financial contribution from the IKEA Foundation and support from the Australian Aid Program allows us to offer part-scholarships for up to 60 students per intake.

Students, or their sponsoring organisation (where requested), will be invoiced for course fees in two stages. Fees for the first trimester will be due two weeks after they are issued at the start of the first trimester. The same applies for the fees for the second trimester, which are due two weeks after its commencement.

Fees will be charged according to the following scale:

  • Tier 1: Government, non-profit and community-based organisations of non-OECD nations/below top 40 HDI**
  • Tier 2: International non-government organisation staff on international or headquarters contracts.
  • Tier 3: Students from United Nations agencies or Governments of OECD nations/top 40 HDI** nations

** HDI Nations refers to those listed in the Human Development Index as published by UNDP. * Other currencies approximation based on spot rate 4 April 2018. All fees will be invoiced in Australian dollars. A Student Services and Amenities Fee of $60 AUD is charged by the university per student, and this will be added to the invoice.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Per trimester
(2 units)
$1,995 AUD $2,700 AUD $3,900 AUD $5,400 AUD
Complete course (4 units) $3,990 AUD $5,400 AUD $7,800 AUD $10,800 AUD
*% Value of part-scholarship 63% 50% 28% 0%

Please note: Invoices will be issued by Save the Children on behalf of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership. If you inadvertently receive an invoice issued by Deakin University please contact CHL Accounts immediately for advice.


Limited additional scholarships will be available to support eligible students. Click here to learn more. 

What is covered by the course fees?

  • Tuition fees
  • Access to distance learning materials and e-learning platform
  • Teaching and assessment
  • Coaching and mentoring (for the duration of the course and only in the intensive units)
  • A Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian Leadership (on successful completion)