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Deakin University’s Development-Humanitarian Research Group (DHRG) and the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership were pleased to present The Humanitarian Fix as part of the DHRG Development and Humanitarian Dialogues seminar series, where Dr Joe Cropp discussed his book ‘The Humanitarian Fix: Navigating Civilian Protection in Contemporary Wars’ (2021, Routledge).

How does humanitarian protection work in today’s wars? What happens in the space between legal protection frameworks and protection outcomes, with a complex mix of actors, interests and agendas? Dr Joe Cropp’s book draws on critical theory and research methodologies common in development anthropology to answer these questions. In the ethnographic tradition, it examines the lived-experience of humanitarian workers who routinely grapple with International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the fundamental principles in real-world contexts.

This event was an opportunity to engage with new research, connect with academics working in the humanitarian and development space, and reflect on humanitarian protection, IHL, and contemporary conflicts.

More information on Dr Cropp’s book here.