Home Cause-Specific Mortality and Natural Disasters: The urgent need for change

The global threat from natural hazard disasters is accelerating, driven by the earth’s deteriorating natural ecosystems, damaged physical environment, rapid urbanisation and population growth. Internationally agreed targets within the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) aim to halt the escalating risk and reduce disaster-related deaths and global impact.

"Achieving risk-reduction targets requires a robust estimation of global disaster-mortality and targeted health interventions so that people at risk are protected and their deaths are prevented."

Gerard Finnigan

This study examined whether the information published in medical and scientific literature on cause-specific mortality was reflected in global data collection and reporting.

It shows that global disaster-attributed mortality is significantly underestimated, and that urgent action is required to remove barriers and develop targeted health interventions for vulnerable people that reduce mortality risk, save lives and achieve the SFDRR targets and Sustainable Development Goals on which they depend.

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