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The Climate Change and Humanitarian Health Symposium was held on Tuesday 12 November 2019 with people attending from NGOs, government, academia and the private sector.

We were especially pleased to welcome delegates from humanitarian agencies across the Asia-Pacific region including MERCY Malaysia, NU Care (Indonesia), Save the Children Vanuatu, Save the Children India, CARE Philippines, Lutheran World Relief, Medicines du Monde Japan and independent practitioners from Nepal.

"Climate change is not a future prospect – it is happening now, and those most vulnerable are set to suffer the greatest health impacts. The question is, are humanitarian organisations ready?"

The symposium included presentations and facilitated round-table discussions that looked at enablers and barriers in climate-informed practice, as well as the health organisations that are increasing climate resilience. 

The symposium presented ideas for next steps, challenges and opportunities for the sector, and was held as part of ongoing research in humanitarian health practice and climate change.

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