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Josh is a humanitarian specialist with more than 12 year’s experience in the sector. He has worked for a wide range of organisations, including Oxfam, UN OCHA, Red Cross, MSF, and AusAID in Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

During this time, he has run hospitals in Afghanistan, negotiated access in Ethiopia, co-led the introduction of distributed ledger technologies to the sector, and raised over AUD $40m for emergency operations from international and domestic donors. Josh is in the final stages of completing his doctoral research on crisis financing.

His research interests lie in the evolution of the humanitarian system, how disaster responses are financed, the use of advanced technologies in the humanitarian sector, and how to connect the local with the global. He has co-authored eight peer-reviewed academic articles along these themes.

Josh is currently the Deputy Director at the Centre, focusing on its strategic priorities, partnership development and engagement, and business sustainability. Josh contributes to the Centre’s teaching and facilitation, its policy and research outputs, and many of its events, including the biannual Humanitarian Leadership Conference.

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