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Yaseen holds a PhD in humanitarian leadership and is a lecturer at the Centre for Program Evaluation at the University of Melbourne.

Yaseen’s current research includes humanitarian networks in Somalia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Yemen. He has recently completed a major research project focused on dignity of displaced people in Bangladesh and Afghanistan. His previous research includes the localisation of humanitarian response in Tonga, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Island and Vanuatu; humanitarian managerial capacity in the Asia Pacific; and the militarisation of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.

Over the last 15 years, Yaseen has managed a wide range of development programs and evaluations including community-based livelihood, agriculture, and development projects in Afghanistan. He has worked with major donors such as USAID, Australian Aid and DFID, private sector, academia, and international development organisations.

Yaseen’s PhD carried out grounded theory examination of humanitarian leadership practice in mosques, Jirga Hall, and cluster meetings in the context of internally displaced people in Afghanistan. By contrast to the leader-centric model, Yaseen’s PhD research offers a framework of humanitarianship, which highlights that humanitarian practices are openly negotiated between human and non-human such as spaces, places, times and sociomaterials. The role of humanitarian space has been taken for granted and largely undocumented in the broader context of the North–South debate. Yaseen investigated place-based humanitarian practice, examining the role of places, such as mosques, jirga halls and cluster meetings that bring together a framework of humanitarianship.

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